Monday, July 18, 2016

Golden Birthday Card


Hope everyone is having a great summer! I have been enjoying the summer with my family and have had guests for the last three weeks.

I created this Golden Birthday card for a close friend of mine. A Golden Birthday year is the year that the age a person is matches the date on which their birthday falls, e.g. a person who celebrates their birthday on the 31st of July will have a golden birthday in the year the person turn 31.
Above you can see the beautiful detailed Butterfly from the Butterfly Swirl Combo set. I painted both gold and heat embossed with a Gold sparkle embossing powder for an added shine!. 

The Happy Birthday Sentiment is from the Birthday Greeting set. I used Frantage embossing powder in Chunky Gold. This type of embossing powder "Chunky" has larger granules so your end result is thicker. 

The Vintage Oval Mirror and Flourish is embossed with a regular Frantage embossing powder in Vintage Pink. I absolutely love the look and texture this type of embossing powder gives the beautiful chipboard pieces.
Above is a close up of a variety of Paper Flowerthat Southern Ridge carries. There are different colours, styles and types so make sure to click on the link and take a peek!

Southern Ridge Chipboard used:

Vintage Oval Mirror Fancy

Paper Flower Assortment

Remember to play along in the monthly challenge over on the Southern Ridge Trading Company blogEach month enter for your chance to win 4 designs from the online store - -$20 (before tax) retail value of YOUR OWN CHOOSING! 

Thanks for joining me today!

Take care,
Corina Finley

Live, Laugh & Create!


  1. What a beautiful card Corina, someone was very lucky to receive it! Deb xo

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